End Mass Incarceration Now: That's the headline from the NYT editorial board today: "If there is any remaining disagreement about the destructiveness of this experiment, it mirrors the so-called debate over climate change. In both cases, overwhelming evidence shows a crisis that threatens society as a whole."

The Largest Employer of Immigrants In the Country? Detention centers run by ICE and private prison companies (like the one in Tacoma), where detainees are paid as little as one dollar a day for their labor.

Our Relationship With Boeing Has Changed: A labor rep for aerospace engineers says Boeing corporate management no longer looks out for anyone but itself: "Executives contrive moments of maximum leverage over stakeholders, to extract gains."

Creepy As Fuck: Seattle police say they found a man pushing a cart with legs sticking out of it. Turned out to be a body. They arrested the guy. There was a connection between the victim and suspect, according to police.

Insurance Commissioner Whistleblower Saga: The state's insurance commissioner's office is embroiled in a fight over whether chief deputy officer Jim Odiorne tried to pressure another official, Patricia Peterson, into rejecting a complaint filed by Seattle Children's Hospital.

Western Ukraine Votes for a Prez: There are long, peaceful lines at the polls, but "little voting was taking place in the east," according to the Associated Press. Who's the likely winner? Billionaire candy-maker Petro Poroshenko.

On the UCSB Mass Shooting: The alleged killer left an electronic trail of misogynist videos and postings on forums. But you really have to watch this video of Richard Martinez mourning his son.

#YesAllWomen: What the new hashtag means.

Following farmworkers who move between California and Washington: