(Washington Hall) You know that the master guitarist Robert Fripp runs a tight ship, so when he gathers an orchestra of guitarists, the results will surely be super-disciplined… and mind-boggling. What he does with his fellow Crafty Guitarists deviates from the florid, torrid prog rock he manifested with the legendary King Crimson. Rather, Fripp and company create massive minimalist compositions that flow and swarm with the manic intensity of certain Philip Glass and György Ligeti pieces, but realized with acoustic guitars. Fripp’s Crafty Orchestra members have been known to wander around concert halls or assemble in circles while playing their intense, oscillating drones and stark, needling passages. As with anything Fripp touches, the results should be challenging and stimulating. DAVE SEGAL
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(Tula's) The opinion that several musicians have expressed to me is that D'Vonne Lewis, who comes from a family of prominent musicians, is the best jazz drummer in Seattle. He received his musical education at home and Roosevelt High School’s prestigious music program. He founded the band Industrial Revelation, which was nominated for this year’s Stranger Genius Award for music. He is fearless when experimenting with rock, punk, hiphop, and soul, as evidenced by IR’s album Oak Head; Lewis is impeccable when performing within the tradition of America’s classical music, jazz. CHARLES MUDEDE
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Wait, you want more Silent Servant? Okay, you got it. KEXP DJ Sharlese—who runs the False Prophet night at Kremwerk—has convinced the great man to stay in town an extra day to do a DJ set focusing on ’80s postpunk, industrial, coldwave, and minimal-synth music. Fans of these styles should cancel all other plans and plant themselves in front of Kremwerk’s speakers for this. Opening for SS is Raica (Seattle producer/DJ Chloe Harris, who also co-runs Further Records), whose tenebrous, abstract electronic music etches distinctive patterns in your neurons. She’s one of a kind. With Kate. Kremwerk, 8 pm, $7, 21+. DAVE SEGAL
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