Her name was Farzana Parveen and she was 25 years old. The Associated Press reports:

A pregnant woman was stoned to death Tuesday by her own family outside a courthouse in the Pakistani city of Lahore for marrying the man she loved.

The woman was killed while on her way to court to contest an abduction case her family had filed against her husband. Her father was promptly arrested on murder charges, police investigator Rana Mujahid said, adding that police were working to apprehend all those who participated in this "heinous crime.

Closer to home, there's the same vein of misogyny in incidents like these, when women refuse sexual advances and are violently retaliated against, and in the death of Alyssa Funke.

Rape culture is pervasive and persistent. "Reading magazines such as Maxim and Men’s Health is associated with lower intentions to seek sexual consent," a study released today by researchers at Washington State University finds, "and lower intentions to adhere to decisions about sexual consent."