As you may have seen on SLOG, a thief made off with one of my cameras last week at Linda's Tavern. Then, somehow, a man I've never met (who shouldn't really give two shits about me or my dilemma) recovered it and made sure that I got it back.

High-five this man, every time you see him
  • Kelly O
  • High-five this man, every time you see him!

His name is Ryan. He works at Neumos as one of their security "peacekeepers." He told me, "I saw a [sketchy] guy running around earlier in the night, with a big bunch of random stuff under his arm, and I saw an expensive Canon camera lens sticking out of the mess..."

"Later, I saw him sleeping on a sidewalk, between Linda's and R Place, on a pile of seemingly stolen things. There was that same Canon. I yelled, "Gimme back my camera!" He woke up, and immediately handed it over. I think he was scared of me... I'm a big guy, six feet tall. Then the guy said, "Wait, the flash, too..." He started digging around in a bag full of used needles. Needles freak me out, so I walked away... Then I thought about it for a minute, and went back. The flash was then just laying on sidewalk, so I grabbed it. Even weirder, after I got your camera back to you, my girlfriend told me her cell phone was stolen. I called it, and some guy answered and said he'd found it at bus stop in in Des Moines. I just drove down there, and got that back, too..."

Ryan is a real-life hero. He also reminded me that Capitol Hill isn't dead yet, and is still full of excellent people. Please keep your all of your belongings close, look out for each other, and next time you see Ryan, smile at the guy. Or buy him a beer. He frickin' RULES.