Still Thinking About the Isla Vista Shooting? There's still plenty to read. First, a message from Isla Vista: "NEWS CREWS GO HOME." Feministing has a roundup of essential feminist writing on the shooting. And #YesAllWomen is still going strong because there's a lot to say.

The US Now Plans to Pull All American Combat Troops Out of Afghanistan by 2016: Obama will announce the plan this afternoon, the New York Times confirmed this morning. If Afghanistan will allow it—and thus far they have not signed a security agreement—almost 10,000 troops will remain there through 2014.

Rescue of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Hits a Roadblock: The government has located the girls, but military chiefs and the president can't agree on whether to go in with force or negotiate the girls' release.

Team of Inspectors Investigating Chemical Weapons in Syria Was Attacked: The convoy of international inspectors, looking for evidence of the use of chlorine bombs, was attacked and members may have been briefly abducted—but everyone is now safe. The Syrian government blames rebel fighters.

White House Accidentally Releases Name of CIA Chief in Afghanistan: It was inadvertently included in a list of names sent out to more than 6,000 journalists. Whoops.

"Argument Between Two Friends" Leaves One Dead in White Center: The shooting, somehow related to what King County Sheriff's officers will identify only as a piece of personal property, happened yesterday afternoon.

We Take Our Ferry System Seriously Around Here: Man tasered at Colman Dock after trying to sneak on to a ferry without paying.

Sasquatch! The drunk neon-covered young people festival happened this weekend. The intrepid Stranger team has been sending back dispatches, and it sounds like some concerts-of-a-lifetime went down over there. You can find it all right here.

Two Devastating U-Haul Thefts in the Seattle Area This Weekend: Dave Segal reported on one of them here, in which a local musician and a fashion designer lost virtually everything they own on the eve of a cross-country move. Every piece of equipment, every scrap of fabric, every recording. KING 5 found another case of a stolen U-Haul in Bellevue.

Smalltown of Fircrest, Washington, Thinking About Booze: Fircrest has been a dry town since Prohibition. Now they're kinda rethinking that whole thing.

Man Holds Breath While Driving Through Tunnel, Faints, Crashes: Four people were injured in the three-car crash in an Oregon highway tunnel this weekend.