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King Tears Bat Trip
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Local free-jazz/voodoo-drumming ensemble King Tears Bat Trip will be releasing a picture-disc 12-inch June 10 through the auspices of Debacle Records, although you can purchase it early if you attend Debacle Fest Sat. May 31. KTBT will also be performing at the event, which takes place at Lo-Fi, Black Lodge, and Victory Lounge.

The self-titled 12 was remastered by Scott Colburn and features two sidelong tracks: “Stolen Police Car” and “Elevenogram.” Led by composer/bassist/guitarist Luke Bergman, KTBT create ecstatic drum- and horn-heavy jams that make you feel like an Olympic champion for the event known as life. There's something of Infernal Noise Brigade's agitational thrust in KTBT's tracks, but with more Albert Ayler-esque revelry in the bloodstream. The group's lineup is filled out by drummers Thomas Campbell, Kristian Garrard, Chris Icasiano, and Evan Woodle; tenor saxophonist Neil Welch; and Brandon Lucia on the Chango, a computer-generated sound interface that Lucia created himself.

In addition to the KTBT LP, Debacle is releasing CD-Rs by Brain Fruit synth master Chris Davis (Live at Post Terrestrial) and Midday Veil/Master Musicians of Bukkake member Timm Mason (The Lost Levels), as well as L.A. Lungs' Rrest vinyl album. More info on these releases here.