The Pot of Gold at the Beginning of the Rainbow: LeVar Burton launched a Kickstarter today to put old episodes of Reading Rainbow on the internet and deliver it, for free, to classrooms around the country. With 35 days to go, the Kickstarter is already near its goal. Still, it goes without saying that you should give to this Kickstarter if you can.

Generation Vex, Part Deux: Douglas Coupland didn’t address directly the other Vancouver artist who questioned similarities between his work and Coupland’s Gumhead sculpture—a sculpture of Coupland's head that you can stick your chewed gum on. But Coupland did post a response of a sort late yesterday, in which he documents his use of people’s chewed gum in his works since 2006. Really, he doesn’t say he did and he doesn’t say he didn’t.

Give the Drummers Some!: Do you appreciate an awesome drumline? This Saturday brings the BDX Drumline showcase to the Garfield High School gymnasium, where a slew of high school drumlines (from Garfield, Cleveland, Lincoln, O'Dea, Bellevue, and more) will battle it out, and where the 2014 Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline will give its first full line performance of the season. Tickets are $10 at the door, and all proceeds go toward the drumline and marching band program at Garfield High School.

LOS ANGELES - JAN 27: Amy Poehler arrives to the SAG Awards /Shutterstock
  • LOS ANGELES - JAN 27: Amy Poehler arrives to the SAG Awards /Shutterstock

Meet the New Guy: Jonathan Cunningham is the newest member of the Seattle Arts Commission.

DRM-Free Is A-OK: Sci-fi publisher Tor Books wants the publishing industry to know that they removed all digital rights management from their e-books a couple years ago and it worked out just fine for them. They're also launching a digital-only novella imprint, which is a great idea because sci-fi thrives in the novella-length format.

Yes, Please! The cover for Amy Poehler's upcoming book has been released. We love her. That's all.

This Is Where We Meet You: Here's the trailer for This Is Where I Leave You, a film adaptation of Jonathan Tropper's recent bestselling novel. It stars every single comedy actor you can think of (Except him. And her. Okay, okay, and him, too. Jesus. Stop being so literal.) and it comes out this fall: