Sorry, Slog Out™, I only heard, the day AFTER Spanaway, Warshington's most famous sons of pop punk, Seaweed, had played Seattle! HUH? Oh, I reckon it WAS also listed in the Stranger Calendar...DERP!! My bad. It's prolly just as well. I was never a huge fan, but I do wanna mention their video for "Start With," as it features a clutch of familiar Seattle scene faces ca. 1995.

I'd forgotten exactly who all made the shoot that day, but rewatching the video I see the future owner of the Breakroom, the club which is now Chop Suey, a handful of Sub Pop's 3rd Floor staffers, Billy Childish's future wife (!!), and the German-speaking leader of a Seattle shoegaze band who also happened to be a MegaMart™ staffer. In addition to all them folks, my partner at the time was cast as the girlfriend character for the video. Shit, that was 19 years ago.