UPDATE: Lady Gaga is currently suffering from bronchitis, which means tonight's "art-rave" has been postponed. She wasn't born like this, y'all. Concert to be rescheduled, details when we get 'em.
(KeyArena) It’s nice that Lady Gaga is the high-freak priestess of the misfits; a super-famous divatron doting on her Little Monsters. An LGBT advocate, a neat-hair haver. But… the music. Other than a couple hits from The Fame/The Fame Monster-era (“Telephone” with Beyoncé is legit), I don’t really know what Gaga’s whole thing is. How much more cray can you get? Is her “weird” still weird? I don’t actually even know what her real voice sounds like—on her new ARTPOP thing, when she’s not one-liner-ing through songs with drag-queen flatness, she seems to be going for Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, a robot, a British robot, and/or Ursula from The Little Mermaid. The “art” is too basic and the “pop” isn’t catchy—neither is that interesting. And speaking of lil’ monsters, R. Kelly is on a song, with this chorus: “Do what I want with your body.” Sigh. EMILY NOKES
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(Neumos) Judging by the often unpredictable but always intriguing trajectory of Animal Collective's career thus far, the mind boggles when imagining a DJ set by the mercurial crew. Will they lean toward Panda Bear's solo work, influenced by dub and minimal-techno maestros like Richie Hawtin and Basic Channel? Or perhaps it will skew more to the nightmare-pop stylings of Avey Tare's recent project? Will they work in the protean noise-dance of compatriots like Black Dice and Excepter? Or will they reach further back, to the haunted tribal freakouts of their earliest work? The biggest question mark hanging over the proceedings, then: Are they going to try to move your ass, blow your mind, or both? KYLE FLECK
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You'd think Evian Christ would be headlining tonight, what with his production credit for Kanye West's "I'm in It" and suchlike. But no. New York–based Canadian producer Jacques Greene has that honor. He's been a steady favorite in Seattle over the last few years for his Burial-on-happy-pills brand of night-bus-inflected techno and house. The British-born Evian Christ (aka Joshua Leary) works at hiphop's slower tempos and has forged a style that contrasts punishing bass plunges with gothic keyboard atmospheres that range from tenderly poignant to grimly chilling. Oddly, EC's most interesting track, "Duga-3," doesn't have any beats. If you bet on Clams Casino, I'd wager you'll like Evian Christ. Seattle producer Kid Smpl is supporting his new Silo Tear EP on Hush Hush Records. It's more of his deeply, deeply heart-wrenching ambience but buttressed with the most rugged array of beats—fractured drum 'n' bass style—in his catalog. Every Kid Smpl release should come with tissues for your waterworks. With Dutty Wilderness. Q Nightclub, 9 pm, $15 adv, 21+. DAVE SEGAL
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