A couple months ago, I found Megan Seling in Nashville and she gave me the gift of Party Cake Peeps—two of may favorite things in one thing! ("This is for when you're stoned," she said, because she is the best.) Since then, I've sought out all the cake-flavored sweets I could find (that weren't literal cake), because it's apparently a trend right now. A trend I can get behind.

Quick confession: I had semi-hippie healthy parents who were not down with me eating sugar like, ever. I would nibble on baking chocolate on the sly (my mom once thought we had a mouse until I fessed up to tearing tiny holes in the bottom of the powdered sugar bags) and could not wait for sleepovers where kids got treats like Lucky Charms and Pop-Tarts for breakfast. When I started getting a couple bucks for allowance, the very first thing I ever bought with my own money was a container of Funfetti Frosting from the IGA Grocery store down the street from my house. I hid it in my desk drawer and ate it with a spoon. I will never be that happy again.


SO, I definitely have an affinity for this birthday-party flavor that's popping up in everything right now. I guess "party cake" understood to be the flavor of white cake, which is the flavor of buttery vanilla, plus sprinkles?

I've had cake-flavored froyo at Yogurt Land (pretty good), birthday-cake M&Ms (really subtle), birthday-cake Oreos (delightful! comes in golden and chocolate). The biggest disappointment was Dairy Queen's confetti cake Blizzard—the cake pieces tasted like frosted decomposing mattress and the vanilla ice cream is so zzzzzz at that joint. It doesn't even have a taste. Unless "cold" is a taste.

Oh, and because you asked, here are some unrelated Nashville observations:

- Men over the age of 15 wear boots. Jeans and boots, slacks and boots, shorts and boots (I'm serious), even the most casual, grungy band dudes had on a pair of boots.

- Though I watched several episodes of The Private Lives of Nashville Wives in preparation for the Nashville visit, there was not a single turkey-tanned wife in sight. Taylor Swift was also notably absent.

- Everyone in Nashville can sing. Baristas, servers, accountants, teachers... everyone you meet is in an earnest country band and has the voice of an angel.