Does SIFF's Gaydar Need a Tune-Up?: Not all gays are happy that SIFF's gay-centric Gay-la afterparty is being held at the aggressively non-gay nightclub Q.

“We Already Have a Book About an Asian Kid at Summer Camp.” Two smart people discuss why they left the publishing industry.

Women and Street Art: We love this New York Times story about the growing influence of women in graffiti around the world:

What’s fascinating, though, is that some of these women have been inspired to claim space on the streets precisely because it is a place of intimidation or threat, not in spite of that. In Afghanistan, Malina Suliman paints on her own at night, equipped with a flashlight. When she first began to draw graffiti, crowds would gather and throw rocks at her. After she painted walls in her home city of Kandahar with images of a skeleton wearing a burqa, the Taliban issued threats; her father’s leg was broken in an attack. Ms. Suliman had wanted, she said, only “to send a message to the girls in my situation to have no fear and to express themselves in public.”

Four Kinds of Bollocks: This Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense is a thing of beauty. (Via Stephen's Lighthouse.)

First, You Need Books: Here's a reinvention of bookstores. I'm not entirely sure it'll work, but it's nice to see some fresh ideas, even if they're not practical.

"We the Best Chefs In the Game!": Richard Sherman and the Seahawks star in this video with Michelle Obama to promote healthy school lunches: