Seattle Police Officers Sue the City, the Feds, the Mayor, the Police Chief, and Others: More than 100 SPD officers have filed suit in federal court claiming that new policies and regulations concerning SPD's use of force infringe on the officers' constitutional rights. The new rules, of course, were put in place due to a Department of Justice finding that, among other things, the SPD shows a pattern of using excessive force. The officers request an injunction that freezes the new rules along with punitive damages. Really, we can't even make this shit up. (The mayor's statement in response is right here.)

Ukraine Military Helicopter Shot Down by Rebels: The crash, outside Slovyansk, killed a Ukrainian general and 13 soldiers.

Two More Democratic Senators Tell Veterans Affairs Secretary to Resign: In the wake of a growing scandal at the VA over long wait times for medical care.

Did You Have Any Trouble Driving on I-5 This Morning? Around 6 a.m., a metal plate covering an expansion joint on the freeway buckled and broke, causing a 10-mile traffic backup on southbound I-5. WSDOT says it hopes to fix the thing and open up closed lanes, which are just south of the convention center, by around 8:30 this morning.

Today's the Day the City Council Debates Amendments to the Mayor's $15 Minimum Wage Bill: They might even vote on the whole damn thing today. I wrote about almost every blasted amendment over here last night, and I'll be live-tweeting the council meeting this morning starting around 9 a.m., if you nerd that hard.

The FBI Spied on Nelson Mandela: During his first trip to the States in 1990, according to newly released FBI files obtained by Al Jazeera.

Because Our Schools Are Danger Zones: All Bellingham schools will soon have panic buttons in the classroom.

Google Is Mostly White and Male: Yeah, yeah, shocking for a tech firm, right? What is shocking is that the company actually computed their demographics and then publicly released the data, which shows the Google workforce is about 2 percent black, 3 percent Hispanic, and 30 percent female. They say they'll work to diversify and that coming clean about the numbers is the first step. Meanwhile, Facebook signals that they may release their own diversity data in the future. No word yet from other big tech firms like Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter.

A Wildfire in Central Washington's Chelan County: Continues to spread.

Hachette Versus Amazon Battle Still Going Strong: The publisher and the online megastore are really going at it now, in what began as a fight over e-book reimbursement but has come to represent a large pushback against Amazon's dominance in the literary market. For one reason why many booksellers, librarians, and book lovers have fucking hated Amazon for years now, Amazon, in a dismissive statement, calls books "demand-weighted units."

Oh, and Speaking of Amazon: They've gone and patented what basically amounts to taking brightly lit photos against a white background. Seriously.

The Subtle Everyday Realities of a Racist Society: A small study in Portland shows cars stop less frequently for black pedestrians at crosswalks.

Lady Gaga Canceled Her KeyArena Show Last Night: Even though decked-out superfans had already been lining up for more than 24 hours to get in the door. She says she has bronchitis.

Somebody "Pranked" Brad Pitt: And everyone really gives a shit. Was Brad Pitt "ambushed"? Was he "attacked"? Was he—god, I'm sorry, I'm trying to care but I don't. There are much more important things to talk about, like...

"The Sriracha war appears to be cooling down." So says the LA Times. Woohoo! Everyone can chill out and stop hoarding hot sauce! (Now, if we could be sure Limepocalypse was really over, we could get back to enjoying pho stress-free.)