• "Five Star" courtesy of SIFF

Five Star

Director Keith Miller’s last film, Welcome to Pine Hill, won prizes and acclaim all over the festival circuit, including here at SIFF in 2012. Miller’s newest work is a quiet, complex look at two men, a fatherless teenager and his affectionate drug-boss mentor, navigating the dangerous boundaries of Brooklyn gang life. Filmed in long, slow takes that let the camera linger on faces and bodies, on framed photographs and hanging laundry, Five Star builds a rich world quickly. Somehow, all the small, simple moments of intersecting lives (kids playing in the park, couples lying in bed together, a skinny teenager with braces and a gun in his backpack) are more arresting than the larger drama of gangs and drugs. (ANNA MINARD)

Five Star plays today at the SIFF Cinema Uptown at 1:30 pm.

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