Is Vice the next generation of news? Hamilton Nolan at Gawker reports that Vice sometimes does great journalism and is making tons of money! Millions, possibly billions! But for some reason, it's paying its employees like crap:

Even as [CEO] Shane Smith watches his millions increase, his employees are pissed that they can hardly afford rent in Brooklyn. One intern two years ago was excited to receive a full time position—until the company offered him a salary of $20K. Employees who have worked there full time within the past two years say that salaries well under $30K are routine for "producers." (One such producer said that after waiting in vain for more than a year for a raise to push their salary up to $30K, they left Vice last year after seeing executives spend what appeared to be thousands of dollars on drugs for a company party.)

Wait, there's more! Former and current Vice employees gave Gawker a list of examples of when, contrary to Smith's assertions, the outlet self-censored or altered content to mollify corporate sponsors.