On Friday, I published a story explaining why people are finally boycotting Amazon. What started as a dispute between Amazon and publishing company Hachette has turned into a public airing of grievances against Amazon. Even authors who have embraced Amazon in the past are becoming creeped out by the online retailer. Malcolm Gladwell, who is published by Hachette, gave an interview to David Streitfeld of the New York Times' Bits Blog about how his book sales have suffered:

It’s sort of heartbreaking when your partner turns on you. Over the past 15 years, I have sold millions of dollars’ worth of books on Amazon, which means I have made millions of dollars for Amazon. I would have thought I was one of their best assets. I thought we were partners in a business that has done well. This seems an odd way to treat someone who has made you millions of dollars.

What is happening to your sales?

They have been profoundly affected. Where Amazon used to sell two copies, now it sells one. It’s a pretty big decline.

Things must be getting serious for Gladwell—the original pro-business, nicey-nice corporate cheerleader—to go on the record like this against Amazon. And he's not alone.