Vox breaks down Obama's new regulations:

On Monday, the Obama administration announced its most sweeping policy yet to address global warming—a proposed rule to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from the nation's power plants as much as 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. How can Obama do this without Congress? He'll be working through the Environmental Protection Agency, which already has the legal authority to regulate US greenhouse gases.

Since 2009, the EPA has used that authority to ratchet up fuel-economy standards for cars and light trucks. Then, last year, the agency imposed strict carbon standards on anyone who wants to build a new coal or gas plant in the future. Now the agency is going even further. The EPA's newest proposal will require the nation's power plants to cut their carbon-dioxide emissions 25 percent in the 2020s and 30 percent by 2030—compared to 2005 levels.

This is a big fucking deal. There will be lawsuits, there will be legislative battles, and there will be losses for Democrats in coal-producing states. Is saving the planet worth six more years of Mitch McConnell?