As Brendan mentioned in Morning News, today at 2 p.m. the Seattle City Council is scheduled to vote on Seattle's $15 minimum wage bill. It's expected to pass; it passed out of committee unanimously.

So what's the rest of the schedule for the day? Well, at 1 p.m., 15 Now will host a rally at City Hall to demand, one last time, that the council set big-business wages at $15 starting in January of 2015 and eliminate provisions for potential sub-minimum wages for disabled adults, workers in training, and teens. They're keeping the pressure on till the last second, a tactic that has worked wonders for them and makes people who called them "uncompromising" look silly.

Rumor was swirling this weekend that perhaps someone—like, say, Council Member Tom Rasmussen, who missed last week's minimum-wage vote and has signaled a soft spot for franchise owners—might introduce a last-minute amendment to the $15 legislation shifting franchise businesses into the "small business" category. That rumor was taken so seriously that 15 Now and the slightly more moderate, labor-backed coalition 15 for Seattle mentioned it in a joint letter sent to the council late last night. The two co-signing groups said they had "great concern" that such an amendment might be introduced, adding that any re-definition of franchises "would greatly expand the number of workers in the longest phase-in periods and disproportionately affect fast food workers," which they called "completely unacceptable."

But at this morning's council briefing, the only person to bring up amendments to the legislation was Council Member Kshama Sawant, putting forward a handful of 15 Now–friendly amendments. Council members have till noon today to submit further amendments, so everyone will be watching like hawks, but it looks like the legislation will sail through. If you want to be there? Get there early. Like, Gaga-concert early. Otherwise, you can watch the meeting on the Seattle Channel (channel 21) or online right here. (We'll embed it on Slog closer to the vote, too.) And of course, I'll be live-tweeting my heart out from the meeting.

And after the vote? What happens then? Well, if all goes according to plan, there's set to be a BIG-ASS DANCE PARTY at City Hall at 3 p.m.. Seriously! Out on the City Hall plaza, in what is scheduled to be abso-fucking-lutely beautiful weather, minimum-wage advocates are hosting a big, public celebration, complete with cake and ice cream (from local small businesses, of course!). Politicians, activists, and workers will be there—you should, too!


Still trying to figure out what all this legislation is/means/does? We've got a breakdown of the basic minimum-wage schedule here, a primer on the "training wages" provisions here, and a write-up of the council committee deliberations and vote from last week right here. Catch up!