(Chop Suey) Odds are, you’re friends with someone who’s played in Motor City garage-rock group Detroit Cobras—that’s how massive their revolving-door lineup’s been over the last 20 years. At the core of Detroit Cobras since the beginning, vocalist/pianist Rachel Nagy and guitarist Mary Ramirez have proved themselves to be staunch, stylish traditionalists, interpreting other people’s songs—mostly obscure R&B and soul gems from the ’60s—with a preternatural affinity for the vintage material. Projecting a tough yet tender demeanor, Detroit Cobras inject these lost classics with a winning swagger. These tunes come roaring back to life through Nagy’s robust, supple voice and Detroit Cobras’ respectful renovation of this amiable, familiar music deserves your attention and energy. Nashville’s Pujol play Velcro-catchy garage rock that sounds at once polished and raw, which ain’t easy to do. With Acapulco Lips. DAVE SEGAL
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Two comedians open this Iron Lung Records-centric bill, offering necessary lighthearted relief before a night of hardcore punk assailment. New York exports Warthog should provide enough scathing, antagonistic riffage to burn holes through your earplugs, while Austin, Texas-based grindcore/power-violence act Chest Pain are similarly vexatious. Freak Vibe's snarling, bare-boned sound is akin to local contemporaries Dreamsalon, also bred in a swamp of murky, Gun Club- and Scientists-fed postpunk/pre-grunge. White Wards have proved to be longtime stalwarts of Olympia's hardcore scene, crusading with ease through their punk blasts of maiming guitar and disfigured melodies for several years now. BRITTNIE FULLER

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