It's true, '60s greats, the Yarbirds, are scheduled to play the Triple Door on June 22nd; the night AFTER they surely lay waste to Ferndale's Silver Reef Casino (yeah, seriously, they're playing Ferndale the night before)!! ANYWAYS, thinking about the show, I recalled how I once watched an instrumental version of Led Zepplin's "Stairway To Heaven" being performed by an incredibly stoned sloppy ex-Yardbird/Zep guitarist, Jimmy Page. Any stoned sloppy Page bit, normally, would be enough for me to care, BUT this performance also features the other heavy Yardbirds guitarists: Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. To my knowledge this is the one and ONLY time all three of these ex-Yardbirds' guitarists were together, playing, on the same stage at the same time. Fair warning, Clapton and Beck arrive too late to save the song!! Oh, this clip was recorded in 1983 at one of the ARMS Charity Concerts, a Multiple Sclerosis charity.

Zeppelin related sidebar: yesterday, the first three Led Zeppelin LPs were reissued all fancy-like and on multiple formats.