Author Irons Shirt: Stranger Genius of Literature Sherman Alexie will be on the Colbert Report tonight:

Totem Pole to Be Reinstalled: The totem pole that stood in Belvedere Park near Alki from 1966 to 2006 is being reinstalled on Friday, with blessings from the Duwamish tribe and schoolchildren.

Indie Bookseller One-Ups Amazon: The new J.K. Rowling spy thriller will be released on June 19th, but thanks to Amazon's battle with Hachette, you won't be able to buy a copy from the world's largest bookseller. Luckily for you, local bookseller Third Place Books is selling the book for 20% off, and they promise to hand-deliver a copy to you.

In Praise of Normal Face: After decades of promotional photographs that aim to turn subjects into singular visual emblems, Michael Ian Black's regular old snapshot (see below) lands like a breath of fresh air from the mouth of someone who flosses a lot and just chewed gum. Look at it! The warmth of the sunburned nose! The drama of the white line running between lip and scruff! The actually sweaty cheek and forehead! It's wonderful, as is this similarly snapshotty image of Stranger Genius-award winning performer and upcoming NWNW participant Sarah Rudinoff.


If Only You Could Vote with One Click: Jeff Bezos doesn't vote. But based on his libertarian leanings, it's probably best for all of us that he doesn't vote. Bill Gates, however, votes all the time.

Game of Thrones Officially Longer Than Game of Monopoly: You thought you were almost done with Game of Thrones, didn't you? Sucker! Rumor has it, George R. R. Martin will be adding an eighth book to the series.

Mrs. Parker and the Late Publication: Penguin just published two new Dorothy Parker-related e-books.

New Phone to Have Three Dimensions: Amazon is probably going to announce their 3D phones on June 18th.