Post Terrestrial—the sporadic DJ night hosted by Jonathan Carr (synthesist for Brain Fruit, solo electronic musician Patternmaster) and Garrett Moore (drummer for Brain Fruit, Midday Veil)—will be returning to Vermillion June 5. (Moore spent the last month traveling in Thailand. No, he wasn’t responsible for the military coup there.) This is notable because for the last year and change, Post Terrestrial has become a forum for some of the farthest-out and most interesting music in the city.

At any given Post Terrestrial, you’re likely to hear free jazz, avant-garde/minimalist composition, rarefied drones, the best new and old underground electronic music, and other styles on the frontiers of sonic exploration. Most of it is stuff you rarely, if ever, hear out in public. And it’s exhilarating to repeatedly to ask yourself, “What the hell is this?” in the good, Shazam-thwarting way. More info about the event here.

On a related note, Brain Fruit band mate Chris Davis just released a CD-R on Debacle Records titled Live at Post Terrestrial, which sees him getting wild and free on his modular synthesizer for 30 minutes. Over what sounds like a fiercely modulating air-raid drone, Davis lays out a banquet of alien, Conrad Schnitzler-esque tones. Glorious disorientation is achieved.