Today, University Book Store announced that they're hosting Hillary Clinton at their store on Wednesday, June 18th, starting at 5 pm. Clinton will be signing copies of her new memoir Hard Choices. As with any of these high-profile political book events, there are a lot of rules:

Signing Guidelines

A limited amount of wristbands for entry will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 9am on the day of the event with a purchase of Hard Choices from our U District store.
No online orders.
A limit of one (1) signed book per customer.
No personal items allowed in the event space. A bag check will be provided.
No other books or memorabilia, please.
Approved media will have photo privileges for the first 15 minutes of the signing.

These kinds of events are always a madhouse, but they're kind of fun, too. I worked at Elliott Bay Book Company when Bill Clinton did a signing for My Life, and a lot of customers were frustrated by the huge amount of rules for the event. (Surely, the president can sign one additional book for me? Surely I don't have to wait in this line? Surely my bag doesn't have to be searched?) I can assure you that the bookstore doesn't set these rules. These events are micro-managed by the politician's security team; the bookseller you're yelling at doesn't have the authority to break the rules because you have a special request. As long as you understand that and sort of lean into the circus-like atmosphere, you can learn to enjoy the spectacle of it. And most Hillary Clinton fans would agree that a signed memoir is worth all the weirdness.