Do you remember yesterday, when I said that Republicans wanted POW Bowe Bergdahl home, but that their hatred of President Obama inspired them to go crazy when Obama actually brought Bergdahl home?

Yeah, it's getting worse. This morning, President Obama said he wouldn't apologize for bringing Bergdahl back to the US, adding, “The American people understand that this is somebody’s child and that we don’t condition whether or not we make the effort to try to get them back.” Now, Jay Nordlinger at the conservative National Review is losing his mind over the phrasing of Bergdahl as "somebody's child." of my hopes for the next commander-in-chief is that he try to avoid referring to our servicemen as “children.” The infantilization of our country is now an established fact — just the other day, I heard a strapping 25-year-old refer to himself quite seriously as a “child” — and the infantilization of our military is well-nigh inevitable. But we should try to maintain some dignity.

Nordlinger goes on to say that he hopes the next president finds a balance "halfway between Sparta and Oprah," whatever the fuck that means. The commenters all agree:

What do you expect from a man who is essentially a bleeding heart social worker. The Surrender-er in Chief.

It's all part of the dependency culture and the grow government folks. If you can extend childhood into the late 20s and 30s you can more easily justify government programs to "help the kids."

Yes, the military is jammed packed full of "someone's child". Mine included. Just when is BO and his infantile admin going to demand responsibility from these "children"?

I find the sentiment even more absurd...we try to save POW's b/c they are "somebody's child"?
Being a soldier of our country is reason enough to bring them home.
Whoever handles PR for this WH needs to be shitcanned.

Tomorrow morning, Obama should refer to Bergdahl as a "human being" just to watch these mouth-breathers contort themselves into knots trying to dispute that claim, too,