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The University of Washington Graduate and Professional Student Senate approved a resolution—there were just two abstentions and no opposing votes—last night that asks the university to divest its $2.3 billion endowment from all direct holdings in oil sands, tar sands, and coal assets in order to slow climate change.

It includes this clause:

WHEREAS fossil fuel companies have undermined common understanding and the political process through public relations schemes5, bribery6, corporate coalitions7, lobbying efforts8, and think tanks9, which created an illusion that scientific controversy exists around the imminent dangers posed by climate change;

Could there be a clearer and more succinct summation of energy corporations' attempts to sabotage humanity and the environment? Well done, Huskies! You remind me of the Planeteers:

Students are optimistic that this "overwhelming demonstration of student support" will convince the Board of Regents to commit to divestment, says Susanna Wegner, a UW student and organizer behind the divestment effort. Now they're hoping to get the support of the college's treasury office before approaching the regents with a final proposal, she explains. (Her counterparts in California were successful last month in getting Stanford to become the largest university in the country to divest from fossil fuels—a development the UW budget office described as precedent-setting.)

Here are the citations:

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The full resolution is here (PDF).