Back in December I wrote about an unknown '60s garage band: the King Bees; as far as the '60s collectors/obsessives knew the band had only one single, "I Want My Baby" b/w Keep "Lovin'" (Pyramid) and the band were assumed to be from North Carolina. Their side, "I Want My Baby," was good enough to be comped by Crypt Records' on the Teenage Shutdown series.

Well, a couple weeks ago, Kingbees' guitarist/singer, Larry Chapman, actually CALLED ME! He was so STOKED, and giddy, to find I'd written about his old band! I hafta say it's quite amazing he called as these "unknown" groups have had collectors on their trails for years!!! Anyways, I didn't keep him on the phone too long, but I did get him to fill me in on their story: they were not from NC, but from Western Virginia, and they were originally called the Originals. They changed their name to the Kingbees via the Rolling Stones' cover of Slim Harpo "I'm A Kingbee." And, like many local bands at the time, they were teenage group which played parties, frats, dances, etc, all over NC and VA. Oh, they were even once suspended from school for having LONG HAIR! Mr. Chapman also confirmed they did have another 45, it was on Champ, a label which was based Tennessee. It's good, a bit more commercial in that it's cover tunes: the Merseybeats' classic, via the McCoys version, "Sorrow" and the R&B standard "Oop Oop Ah Doo" (it IS "Ooh Poo Pah Doo," but misspelled on the label). Welp, there you go, record nerds, the King Bees are unknowns no longer!!!