• Courtesy of Erin Frost and Cairo

Kelly O: "I'd like to go to the Punk Rock Flea Market in Belltown on Saturday, and also catch the last weekend of art show 'Affections' by Erin Frost and Ursula Rose at CAIRO (and maybe get my Tarot cards read?!?) But I also may just need to hole up at home with the telephone and some Netflix streaming as a dear friend is losing her battle with cancer (We Heart You, Betsy)."

Charles Mudede: I'm reading my notes (400 or so) on Thomas Piketty's bestseller Capital in the 21st Century in preparation for the conversation I'm holding on the book (it's almost 700 pages) at Vermillion Gallery on Tuesday, June 10. That's how I roll.

David Schmader:"Tonight I'm going to see the SIFF screening of Alex Gibney's new documentary about Fela Kuti at the Northwest African American Museum. On Saturday, I'm hoping it rains so I can stay in all day watching season 2 of Orange Is the New Black without guilt. And on Sunday, I'm joining the rest of humanity in burning to death under the sun."

Dan Savage: "I'm going to be home recovering from a cold, reading an advance copy of Charles Blow's upcoming memoir, Fire Shut Up In My Bones, and needlepointing 'Eat Me' on a pillow."

Dave Segal: "Saturday I plan to check out Hypnotikon DJs Skyler and Self Administered Beat Down spinning psych-rock records at the Comet Tavern and minimal-techno magus Kyle Geiger at Kremwerk. Sunday I'll be DJing No Sleep's ArtAche vintage market at Chop Suey with DJ Explorateur. The latter event features the first live performance by Naught, a group composed of members of Rose Windows and Master Musicians of Bukkake.

Brendan Kiley: "Another theater-heavy weekend for me: The Price at ACT (Arthur Miller about family and furniture), The Hunchback of Seville at WET (I don’t know much about it but have heard good things about the script), and Northwest New Works at On the Boards. And on the seventh day, I shall nap."

Bethany Jean Clement: "After work today—or sooner, if you are able—everyone in the city should drink some chilled rosé, whether in Post Alley or on a patio somewhere or in your yard or in the park (shhhh). Speaking of patios, here are all the best restaurants and bars with outdoor seating. Yes! Tomorrow, I'm going to see tons of ultra-fresh theater and dance and puppets and hopefully nudity and god knows what else at On the Boards for NW New Works—though I have since learned that our own Mr. David Schmader is not this weekend but next, so I'll be doing a repeat. This weekend, it's Linda Austin, Sarah Rudinoff, Anna Conner + CO., and ilvs strauss in the Studio Theater, and Kyle Loven, Crying (Pennington + Bischoff + Reker), Rainbow Fletcher, and The Pendleton House on the Mainstage. And speaking of the park, it is going to be a perfect weekend to walk around Volunteer and stop into the beautiful, cool SAAM for the Deco Japan exhibit, which Jen Graves says is fantastic. Yes yes!"

Katie Allison: "Having my BACHELOR(ETTE) PARTY! Almost-husband and I like each other too much to have separate parties, so we are going to combine them for TWICE THE DEBAUCHERY! I will also be getting my second-ever pedicure, gettin' my hair did, and lying in the sunshine finishing the phenomenal book Gone Girl. Not bad for my last weekend as an unmarried woman."