Local electronic heads in the know have been down with USF and Airport for longer than a hot minute now, and tonight the two acts grace Chop Suey's Dragon Lounge for a few hours of mutated disco and haute beats.

USF is the lovechild of Jason Baxter and Kyle Hargus, an alternately heady/euphoric dance outfit who tend to eschew traditional 4/4 beats in favor of slick syncopation, as well as possessing impeccable ears for tasty melodic textures - "Sibilant", streaming above, is off their forthcoming SIMISM EP, out June 24 from Ceremony Recordings.

Airport (real name Jayson Kochan) takes a more stripped-down approach, favoring tense, coiled buildups and jittery, almost anxious synth lines, with a well-placed nostalgia for classic Roland 303 bass. And bonus points must be awarded for his acidic take on noise-rock crew MTNS' newly-minted (yes, I'm minting it!) classic "Hut on a High Peak."

For those of you who are all "tl;dr", all I can say is: don't sleep. Seattle's electronic scene wouldn't be near what it is without these dudes.