It happened last night around 9 p.m., previously unannounced: a YouTube link posted to their Facebook page in traditional Death Grips fashion. The Sacramento rapcore rebels released a surprise album called niggas on the moon, which features vocal contributions from Björk, and according to the band, is part of a double album called the powers that b.

Side note: These guerilla marketing/release tactics are not only awesome, but extremely effective (see also: My Blood Valentine). They are simultaneously able to act (sincerely) like hype is for poseurs, and be ironically good at cultivating it.

The album itself is a typically great jolt of adrenaline, with heat from the production kit of Zach Hill, and the yelling of such reality check shit as "Oh YEAH, I should be worried/Oh YEAH, I'm temporary" (cc André 3000) by MC Ride (Stefan Burnett). Björk's parts are mostly just tweaked bits woven into the chaotic mix, but her mere involvement in the project is successful synergism. After trunk-rattling opener "Up My Sleeve," my favorite track so far is "Say Hey Kid," which contains some twisted social commentary I'm still decoding. What say ye, friends?