This morning, while talking with a friend, I said that I wanted to wait to see what Dave Brat says for himself over the next few days before I decide whether he's a genius or a freak accident. Remember how Sarah Palin scared Democrats, until she finally had to speak for herself? Brat is now taking a victory lap in conservative media and we're starting to get a taste of his personality. Here, he seems to be urging America to take the free markets and "the rule of law"—presumably the Constitution—to "Central and South America" because "every one of those people is a child of God."

That video came from Right Wing Watch, which also has a video of Brat giving credit for his win directly to God. I imagine Brat will be making some appearances on Sunday morning news shows this week, and I'll be curious to see how he responds to an interviewer who is not overly friendly to him.

Of course, a possibility exists that Brat will stick strictly to right wing media, because he's one of those true believers who think the Tea Party is the vanguard of a silent majority of Americans who want unfettered markets and Jesus-inspired American exceptionalism. In which case, Brat might win his Republican-centric district, but he's not going anywhere on a national level.

In other news about Brat's media coming-out party, his website indicates that he locked horns with the "intellectual elite at Princeton University." That's simply not true: Brat in fact attended the Princeton Theological Seminary.