I am done feeling sad about gun violence. I am ready to get to work. Richard Martinez, whose son was killed in the Isla Vista shooting a few weeks ago, put it best: "I don't want to hear that you're sorry about my son's death... come back to me and tell me you've done something."

Look, it's perfectly normal to feel upset whenever we hear about another tragic shooting. But it's an unimaginable tragedy that we—as a state and a nation—have basically been stuck in a terrible cycle these last few years: Nearly every single day, we wake up to news of a horrible act of gun violence, everyone says we should do something, and absolutely nothing ever changes.

That ends this November.

The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility believes we can no longer wait for our elected officials to act. It is time for the people to stand together and get something done—and we're going to do just that by voting yes on Initiative 594.

Gun violence continues to reach into nearly every corner of Washington State. In just the first seven days of June, we mourned Seattleites killed and injured at Seattle Pacific University, on the streets of the Central District, and in the International District. Sadly, these deaths will not be the last.