Sean Parker, one of the people behind Napster and an early investor in Facebook who became famous when Justin Timberlake played him in a movie, is apparently trying to "fix" politics now. Get a load of this bullshit paragraph, from Denver Nicks at Time:

Parker’s Brigade Media, revealed in an April SEC filing reported on by TIME, has purchased a controlling stake in Philotic Inc., which owns, “the world’s largest online campaigning platform,” the group said in a statement. With the takeover, Brigade also acquires Votizen, a startup launched in 2013 to help educate and organize voters.

I had never heard of before right now, and the website feels like an empty promise to me. The word "Votizen" makes me itchy. And frankly, the whole thing sounds to me like a way for someone to make a website that profits from political causes. In other words: Another leech on top of all the other leeches on top of political process.

If Parker really gave a shit about "fixing" American politics, he could use some of his considerable fortune to push for campaign finance reform and against corporate personhood. Instead, he seems to be trying to profit on the backs of the people who want to change the system. I'm getting really tired of this old Silicon Valley paradigm, in which companies insinuate themselves as middlemen into systems that don't require middlemen, all in the name of convenience. This is not the action of a man who wants to change the world for the better.