We've all heard "Louie Louie," so I'll just assume we all know the '60s group, the Kingsmen. Right? Well, I bet y'all ain't heard their very last single, "You Better Do Right" b/w "Today!" Man, what loud WHAAA-LUMP! The 'B' side, "Today," fucking KILLS!

This was their only 45 for Capitol and, as it was issued in the spring of 1973, I think an attempt to "get with the times." Maybe. They'd split in 1968 but regrouped in 1972, so this 45 was their come back. However, I think this single would'a been better suited for release in, say, '70/71; it's a solid boogie backed with a high energy jam full'a stabbing guitar fills, but by '73 pop radio was softening. Well, the 'A' prolly could'a made the radio, but it didn't, so the single didn't sell or revive the Kingsmen's contemporary relevance.

Sidebar: Their second to last 45, and the last Kingsmen 45 issued in the '60s, was the also uncharacteristic "On Love" b/w "I Guess I Was Dreamin'." It's not a garage or frat rock 45, rather it's cover verions of obscure English sike jams. "On Love" was Skip Bifferty's first 'A' side while "I Guess I Was Dreamin'" was by the Fairytale. BUT neither of these songs were issued in the US or made any impression in the UK, so I have no idea how their management sussed out these songs. That said, the 45 is good, but it's always been a bit of a head scratcher.