OHMYGOD!!! Punk godheads AND '60s psychedelic flower children, the Seeds, are finally getting the documentary treatment—The Seeds: Pushing Too Hard. It's about time; I'm SO excited this is actually happening!!! On a scale of rock relevance you could argue the Seeds' importance prolly just bubbles under top '60s bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. And like the early Stones, the Seeds had sorted out their own sonic template: fuzz, organ, Sky Saxons' voice, and, at most, two chords. Their first three albums, The Seeds, A Web of Sound, Future, plus their amazing "fake" live album, Raw & Alive in Concert at Merlin's Music Box, are all mandatory listening.

The film is being directed/complied by Neil Norman, the son of the Seeds' label owner Gene Norman, and is produced by Alec Palao, a current member of Powder and a heavy susser-outer of West Coast garage, and soul, for England's Ace Records.

The Seeds: Pushing Too Hard screens August 16th, 2014, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.