• Brooklyn Benjestorf

Name: Erin

Where: Zig Zag Cafe

Buy Her A Shot Of: the well bourbon. “Preferably Evan Williams 6 Year,” Erin says, “or anything relatively close to your hand and easy to grab. “

Ask Her To Make You: her version of a Brooklyn, which is China China Amer Bigallet, Maraschino, dry vermouth, Rittenhouse Rye 100/Old Grandad Bonded, and orange bitters. “Anything boozy and bitter,” she says. “Over proofed, little bit of citrus...anything, really. I’m never opposed to a vodka tonic or a beer or a 12-step cocktail. It doesn’t matter—whatever you want, I’ll do.”

What She’s Doing When She’s Not At The Bar: “I try to go to as many of the Town Hall events as possible. I love to sit in on their panel discussions and forums, any of the public speakers that they have that come to town. Any sort of lice show. And then my business partner, Blake, and I do candles on the side so we’re currently making these awesome soy-based, savory, wood-inspired scents that we’re playing with.”

Words To Live By: “Make sure that you always have good luck, make sure that your makeup is on point, and make sure that your angles are kickin’.”