Renowned doctor and global health expert Paul Farmer in the Health and Human Rights Journal:

We wonder, given the evidence underlying the mounting climate crisis, if future generations will regard ours—amongst the epochs of history—as 'The Great Procrastination.' Squandering time, dithering on action, and engaging in half-measures woefully incapable of addressing a threat that our best science warns will be more catastrophic and less reversible each year.

Notwithstanding new measures by Washington Governor Jay Inslee and President Obama, the answer is yes, thus far, this is the era of the Great Procrastination. That phrase is perfect. The power of multinational dirty energy companies has been too great for the Democratic Party. Older generations of liberals wedded to that party failed mine (particularly the poorer among us, globally), as Tim DeChristopher spells out:

We constantly hear baby boomers saying to young people: “Stopping climate change is going to be the challenge of your generation.”

Well, that’s not really true. We’ve known about climate change for 20 years, during the time when baby boomers were holding power in this country. Stopping climate change was the challenge of the baby boomer generation, and they failed because it would’ve meant making sacrifices and putting their children’s and grandchildren’s generations ahead of their own. They chose not to do that.

Certainly a lot of the blame falls on fossil fuel executives and politicians, but a lot of it falls on comfortable liberals who changed their light bulbs, bought organic, and sat back and patted themselves on the back. Young people don’t have the luxury of feeling like that’s enough—like they can go to their graves content that they drove a Prius and voted Democrat, so they don’t have to feel guilty about this catastrophe.

What's needed to save the planet, then as now, are some radical changes not bound by the usual rules of capitalism. Which is why Elon Musk and Tesla Motors' move to completely open up their patents on electric car technology is so awesome.