Every year, as summer approaches, I have compulsive look back to the sweet, sweet jams of my youth. I dunno why it's seasonal, but come late spring I'm back in high school. Anyways, the other night the itch arrived so I pulled out a couple '80s albums I'd not heard in years: the Doughboys' Whatever and the Lemonheads' Hate Your Friends. The Lemonheads was alright, it held up okay (Evan Dando WTF?! amirite?!), but the Doughboys LP was still shooting fire!!!

I was glad I still connected with these records, and my youth, but what was most striking was both record's HEAVY Hüsker Dü influence! It's been a lifetime since Fugazi and Green Day became the stock pop punk sound, so I'd completely forgotten how important Hüsker Dü's sound was in the mid '80s!! And considering their smartness—BIG CHORDS, chorus/flange pedals, and dense melodies—I'm still kinda amazed how Lookout "lite" and Fat/fx became the contemporary standard. I guess the punks in early '90s were of different generation, or, perhaps, no one at the mall thought to play 'em Zen Arcade or Metal Circus.