Sorry About Not Paying You Before: Farmworkers scored an $850,000 settlement on Wednesday, Ansel Herz says.

You Guys, Franchises Are the Victims Here: The International Franchise Association has filed a suit against Seattle's shiny new $15/hour minimum wage law.

Release the Footage: The state Supreme Court says SPD must stop illegally withholding dashcam footage.

Keep Talking: The (presumed) next SPD chief said a bunch of promising stuff.

Here's a Crazy Idea: Let's limit the influence of money in politics.

Here's Another Crazy Idea: How about some common sense gun control legislation? Can we give that a try, please?

Stop Blaming Women: The Washington Post made Anna Minard furious this week.

Left Brain, Right Brain: Dow Constantine wants King County Metro and Sound Transit to "act as one."

Clinton Drops Softball: Why can't you be honest about marriage equality, Hillary Clinton?

Paid Internships Now? Kshama Sawant is talking about unpaid internships.

But What About the Cool Parts of Austin? Dan Savage has a message for Texas.

Meet Siren Tonight: It's a dating app! It's art! It's both!

To the Future and Back Again: Charles Mudede was an early convert to e-books, but now he finds himself re-buying those books as physical copies. Charles also got an early taste of the future of transportation.

Sexting During Surgery: Brendan Kiley shares maybe the most horrifying thing I've read all week.

It Was a Good SIFF: The 40th anniversary of the Seattle International Film Festival has come and gone. Here are the award-winners. Here's Kathy Fennessy's roundup. Here's Adrian Ryan's account. I thought some stuff, too.