Edward Snowden: Hero, patriot, whistleblower, and now...life-saving robot!

After Reports of "Anti-Homeless Spikes": Here's Real Change's Tim Harris on Seattle's "passive-aggressive benches." The ones in South Lake Union near Amazon are particularly pernicious, with pointless metal bars that look like handles that jut up in the middle of them (I took a photo once, but can't find it.

Seattle Cop: Who posted sex pictures of mistress online wants his job back and the police union backs him up.

Iran: Sending troops into Iraq to shore up the under-attack government.

The Iraq Mess:

The Iraq invasion and occupation was ill-conceived, ill-executed, and ill-fated. It had terrible consequences not just for Iraq but for many other countries. It illustrated the limits of American military power—the opposite of what it was intended to do—and it helped accomplish what Osama bin Laden could never have achieved on his own: drawing the United States and its allies into an open-ended global battle with militant Islam.

Governor Jay Inslee: Orders Washington State to draw up an oil spill response plan.

Three Israeli Teenagers: Kidnapped by Palestinian militants in the West Bank while hitch-hiking.

Human Rights Watch: Keane Bhatt, an expert rabble-rousing friend of mine, clobbers HRW's Reed Brody in a debate over whether the organization has a "revolving door" with US government, one of the greatest institutional violators of human rights on the planet.

Chelsea Clinton: Earned a $600,000 salary at NBC News for doing things like...talking to the Geico Gecko!

Holland demolishing defending World Cup champions Spain yesterday, featuring flying Dutchman Robin Van Persie: