Nohbunny play the Funhouse.
  • Kelly O
  • Nohbunny play the Funhouse.

With a giant, eerie clown staring down over the entryway, the Funhouse was one of the most fun and wonderfully weird bars in the city. Fearless co-owner Brian Foss would book just about anything that had the possibility of being entertaining (for better or worse), but now the Funhouse is gone forever. Its energy and legacy live on in Razing the Bar, the documentary that follows the Funhouse’s life and features interviews with the people who made it so great. Come see the movie tonight and party like the clown is watching! There will be sweaty, loud performances from the Hands, Hounds of the Wild Hunt, and the Fabulous Downey Brothers, and between bands you can catch your breath and share your favorite Funhouse memories with fellow showgoers. I personally will never forget the time I saw Goblin Cock play there, and nearly having a seizure from all the flashing lights, or singing karaoke to “Boxcar” with my friend Alithea. Love you forever, Funhouse!