Twelve: Twelve! New charter schools, coming Washington's way...

bell hooks Feminist Auto-Responder: Need to get rid of an insistent creepy dude? Give him this number (+l-669-221-6251), and if he calls or texts, he'll get an automatic text response from feminist theorist bell hooks, e.g. "If any female feels she need anything beyond herself to legitimate and validate her existence, she is already giving away her power to be self-defining, her agency." Donate here.

Mom Hugs 16 Year Old Who Killed Her Daughter: Ady Guzman-DeJesus, who initially sought a harsh sentence, agreed to a plea deal that involves a one year stint in juvenile detention sentence followed by a tour of Florida classrooms to speak about firearm safety—with her.

Jon Meis: The hero who took down the SPU shooter—and who called the shooter a "very sad and troubled young man" who someday deserves to be forgiven—is graduating, and the university is establishing an engineering scholarship in his name.

Seattle City Light Pays Firm to Burnish CEO's Online Image: And the City Council wants to increase his salary to $170 per hour on Monday. Here's a petition against the raise.

Naloxone: It is not a cure-all for the heroin epidemic, a Seattle Times letter writer points out:

The editorial board missed a couple of critical facts and grossly oversimplified the reality of this addiction.

In Seattle and other parts of the country, the dramatic rise in heroin abuse is largely being driven by an increase in teen users who are smoking or snorting heroin, not injecting it. Advocating needle-exchange sites as the best place to distribute naloxone makes no sense for these new young users—they don’t use needles.

I reported on how the state removed funding for post-treatment housing for recovering addicts here.

But Of Course: Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says the decision to invade Iraq has nothing—nothing!—to do with the chaos unfolding there now.

Cautionary Tale: Charities rely on the production of victims.

ZeFrank on octupuses:

(Know a kid? Take him or her to the Seattle Aquarium to feed the octopus! I can attest, it's super fun.)