MASCULINITY METAMORPHOSIS Or <em>There Once Was a Man</em>.
  • Courtesy of the artists

David Schmader: "Wussy the band at El Corazon the club! (That's Friday.) Also: There Once Was a Man by Lou Henry Hoover at Re-bar! (Fri-Sat, still deciding which night I'm going...)"

Brendan Kiley: "I’m planning to see Book-It’s five-hour adaptation of Michael Chabon’s Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, partly so I can get a peek into a novel that tons of people love but I (to my shame) have never read. Thankfully, it comes with a dinner-break intermission."

Dave Segal: "Wednesday I’m DJing old and new psych-rock records with DJ Explorateur at Revolver Bar in Capitol Hill, because I’m a goddamn evangelist for this kind of music. Thursday I plan to watch The Stranger's Mike Nipper and Scott Davis (Jive Time Records) do the same kind of DJ night—called Heavy Jelly—at Speckled & Drake, because I can’t get enough of psych rock and these guys have incredible records. They’ll school you properly. I may also hit Vito’s that night to experience the ultra-cool and spiritual soul jazz of Afrocop, one of Seattle’s best bands. I want to see them on a bill with Industrial Revelation already."

Paul Constant: "I have to go check out the crazy-pants political madhouse that will surround Hillary Clinton signing books at University Book Store on Wednesday. It's like a sneak preview of 2016! In slightly less-momentous sneak preview news, I'll be attending the Snowpiercer preview at the Uptown tonight, with director Bong Joon-ho in attendance. I'm ridiculously excited for this movie."

Bethany Jean Clement: "I am going to happy hour at Cure, where you can safely, dryly watch what's happening Cal Anderson Park and eat little mortadella sandwiches, which are like bologna ones for grownups. In other eating, Benito's is sending some of their deep-dish pizza to the office in celebration of their second anniversary, so that's nice of them (anyone ever had it?). On Wednesday, I'm going to try to go to this discussion about how the Washington State Department of Ecology is reconsidering the (very low, polluter-friendly) fish-consumption rate it uses to determine how horrible it'll let our waters be. If you like eating fish, or fish themselves, or the idea of less-polluted water, you should go to this, too, and stand up for better water-quality standards. On Thursday, I'm going to the Arboretum for the party-thing for this really, really great-sounding artwork in honor of the Arb's ramps to nowhere."

Christopher Frizzelle: "I'm going to see standup comedy at the Neptune on Friday. It's called 'Out & In,' and it's a bunch of queer comics and it's free. The headliner is Guy Branum, but I gotta be honest, I'm going because I want to see Solomon Georgio. Other comics on the bill are Nick Sahoyah, Elicia Sanchez, Abbey Drake, and Whitney Streed."

Emily Nokes: "I'm getting a couple tattoos on Wednesday from the talented Ms. Shannon Perry over at Valentine's 'cause she's got the steadiest hands and best ideas in town. On Thursday, Kelly O and I will be Drinking for the Kids at Linda's! You should come! I'll show you my tattoo scabs and make you take a shot. The proceeds will go to the Vera Project, which is very great indeed."

Kelly O: "Thursday, after Emily Nokes and I host a Drink for the Kids, I plan to head over to Chop Suey's new lounge to see this excellent band from Bordeaux, France called MAGNETIX. French garage rock has a special place in my heart."