All soundbound lanes of I-5 (on the left) were closed for hours last night. In the middle of all those emergency vehicles, you can see the truck parked across two lanes of traffic.
  • WSDOT/@wsdot_traffic
  • On the left, in the middle of those emergency vehicles, you can see the tan pickup truck parked across two lanes of traffic.

If You Were Stuck on I-5 Last Night Near the Ship Canal Bridge, You Probably Had a Horrible Night: Around 6:45, people started making calls to 911 that a tan pickup truck was swerving in and out of traffic. When it got to the Ship Canal Bridge, the truck stopped across the two center lanes of traffic, King 5 reports. Then the truck was on fire, and its driver was standing on the freeway "spraying green paint on the pavement and on other vehicles," Seattle Times reports. One state trooper and a Department of Transportation crew started to put out the fire, while another state trooper contacted the driver. "The driver then pulled a knife and advanced on the trooper," SPD told "The trooper used his Taser stun gun on the man, but it failed to subdue him... the man continued his advance until both troopers shot him."

The Man Died from His Gunshot Wounds: "Shortly after his arrival" at Harborview Medical Center.

So What Was Inside the Burning Truck? "Investigators said late Monday they had found an incendiary device inside the suspect's truck. It was described as a plastic bottle, roughly one liter in size with a cannon fuse sticking out of it."

Glenn Greenwald, whos at Town Hall Seattle tonight: Tech companies dont care at all about their users privacy.
  • Glenn Greenwald will be at Town Hall Seattle tonight.

Eli Sanders Interviews Glenn Greenwald Over Skype, Asks Whether the Government Might Be Listening to Them: "Oh, they're completely in the system of Skype. I mean, they have virtually unfettered reign over Skype calls. Actually, one of the most interesting stories we did was about how easily Microsoft cooperated with the NSA to make sure that they had full reign with Skype."

US Captures Suspected Ringleader in the Benghazi Attack: In a secret raid in Libya. The Washington Post just broke the story this morning.

44 Sunni Prisoners Killed in a Jail 44 Miles from Baghdad: It was a jail the ISIS was advancing on. The ISIS is the militant Islamist group who's been mass-executing Iraqi police and military. The ISIS militants say the prisoners were killed by the police inside the prison; an Iraqi military spokesperson says the prisoners were killed by the advancing ISIS militants when "the station was struck with hand grenades and mortars." Jesus, what a clusterfuck.

The UN Thinks We Could Be on the Brink of a Huge New War: "The onslaught of extremist Sunni militants in Iraq will have violent repercussions in Syria and could bring wider war in the Middle East, a United Nations panel warned on Tuesday."

Obama Is Sending in a Couple Hundred American Troops: Officially, they're not combat troops. They're going in to help protect our embassy in Baghdad. But he may also send in some Special Forces.

City Council Voted to Give CEO of Seattle City Light a Fat Raise Yesterday: To $364,000. (Although the mayor will determine exact pay later.) To put it in context, the President of the United States' salary is $400,000.

Also Yesterday, the Mayor Unveiled His Plan to Lift Caps on Lyft, UberX, and Other Rideshares: There would be no set limit on the number of vehicles they can have on the road, in exchange for concessions for taxi companies. How did the mayor get the two sides to come to this agreement? "I just locked 'em in another room, down the hall from the minimum wage room."

US Won Our Soccer Match Against Ghana in the World Cup Yesterday: Thanks to a goal by Seattle Sounders' own Clint Dempsey, whose goal 34 seconds into the game "made him the first U.S. player to score in three different World Cups and was the fastest ever scored by an American in the tournament." The other goal was by rookie substitute John Brooks, and it was "the first time an American sub had ever scored in the World Cup." I was rooting for Ghana. How could you not have been rooting for Ghana?

Ansel's Play By Play of Yesterday's Match: Is right here.

Oh Yeah, There Are No Giraffes in Ghana: Okay?!?!