KIRO is reporting that a male UW student was arrested for threatening on the internet to kill women.
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  • KIRO is reporting that a male UW student was arrested for threatening on the internet to kill women.

Here we go again. KIRO is reporting that a male UW student was arrested by Seattle Police Department for threatening on YouTube and Google+ to kill women. The UW student, who is 23 and has not been charged yet, is said to have held a very high opinion of Elliot Rodger, a young man who killed six people (four men and two women) last month in California because he hated "girls." According to KIRO's reporting, the UW student said on the internet that he agreed with Rodger's feelings about "girls" and wanted, when his time came to do some killing, to murder only them. We do not know the whole story behind the UW student's alleged hatred for women, but we know about Rodger's, thanks to a twisted video he posted on YouTube.

Rodger did not like women because he thought he was handsome (maybe even beautiful), and yet, in spite of this belief, women wanted nothing to do with him, preferring "brutes" (to use his word). Women would not kiss him, let alone fuck him. He could not see that good looks are not everything. All the young man had to do was speak for a moment and whoever might have been initially interested his appearance was soon looking for an exit. Rodger didn't know that "girls" were not fucking him because he clearly needed help. Maybe this is the same situation that the UW student is in. Maybe that's why he identified with Rodger, saw him as a hero, if it turns out that he did in fact write those things on the internet he's alleged to have written.

I was once a college student who was very lonely and a virgin at 21. Yes, I was. (Rodger was a virgin and 22.) But it also never occurred to me to blame women for this poor state of affairs. I knew I was weird. I could not hold a conversation for long. I was maybe even lazy—masturbation was so much easier than the effort of making myself sound interesting. But during this time I never felt anything like the need to go to a gun store, buy a weapon and some bullets, and commit an act of "retribution." My feeling was that my time would come. And guess what: it did! I got laid, and the rest is history.

The thing we must keep in mind in all of this is that we live in a society that hates women and loves guns, and those things should never mix. Almost all men who are in Rodger's situation ("I'm still a virgin") will never reach his conclusion ("I need to kill girls") because they are not nuts. But when someone is in his situation ("I'm a virigin") and is posting crazy shit on the web ("I plan to kill lots of sluts"), take them very seriously and do something about it. Are you listening? I'll say it again: take them very seriously and do something about it. This, apparently, is what happened with the UW student, and it may have saved lives—for now. We still have crazy men, we still have systemic misogyny, we still have lots of guns all over the place. It's only a matter of time.

So what can you do? Sean Whitcomb at SPD says, "If anyone comes across any information—expressed verbally, expressed online—that causes them concern or fear on their own behalf or the behalf of others, we could urge them to call 911 and request to speak to an officer. If it's something that isn't so much an in-progress thing, it's a little bit older, someone had time to think about it and they still are uncomfortable, they can always call the non-emergency hotline: 206-625-5011."

And if someone is struggling with mental health issues or a desire to kill others? "They should call the 24-hour King County Crisis Hotline: 866-427-4747." Or send them this link.