Flannery O'Connor Vs. Ayn Rand: Open Culture republished a chunk of a letter from Flannery O'Connor warning a friend against the author who launched ten thousand Ron Paul clones. O'Connor gets frisky with Rand almost immediately: "I hope you don’t have friends who recommend Ayn Rand to you. The fiction of Ayn Rand is as low as you can get re fiction." Go read the whole letter here.

He Can Play a Stuttering King, But a Cartoon Bear from Peru Is Too Much: Oscar-winning handsome actor Colin Firth drops out of film adaptation of Paddington after failing to find the right voice for the Peruvian bear.

Because What Kid Has an Hour to Spare? Sesame Street is adding a half-hour-long version of the show this fall.

Seattle Rep Looking for a Few Good (Local) Playwrights: The Rep has begun accepting applications for its 2014–2016 writers group—five writers, two-year residency, "modest stipend," bi-weekly group meetings, access to Rep resources, free tickets to Rep stuff. The five will join the current writers' group (Holly Arsenault, Lisa Halpern, Brendan Healy, Arlitia Jones, and Bryan Willis) for its final year of the 2013–2015 program.

Speaking of the Rep and New Plays: Its new play readings showcase is currently underway through June 22. Upcoming readings include new ones by Holly Arsenault, Keri Healey, Brendan Healy, and others directed by Erin Kraft, Sheila Daniels, Paul Budraitis, and others. See the Rep for full schedule and info. Also, it's worth noting that the Rep's next season will include Laura Schellhardt’s The Comparables, which is on the Kilroy list mentioned on Slog earlier today.

Speaking of other new plays: Just for the sake of theater-size parity—Annex is also running a new-play series called iPlayz: Life and Death in the Digital Age with new words about life and death in the digital age.

"I Love Björk, But a MoMA Retrospective Is a Terrible Idea": Jerry Saltz holds forth on MoMA "further damaging its credibility (with the permission of its trustees), riding on the backs of generations of artists and curators as it makes a suicidal slide into becoming a box-office-driven carnival."

Yeah, You Read That Right: Quentin Tarantino is writing a comic book sequel to his movie Django Unchained, in which Django teams up with Zorro.

What If We Printed These Stories...on Paper? Do you save long online articles in a read-it-later app like Instapaper or Pocket? A new service wants to take the stories you want to read later and then publish them in "convenient" newspaper form. Then they mail the newspaper back to you so you can read it at your, uh, convenience.