As regular Slog readers might recall, back in February an otherwise unremarkable panel of artistic directors in Washington D.C. hosted by Washington Post theater critic Peter Marks exploded into an existential Twitter debate over the white guy-ness of artistic directors, the white guy-ness of plays produced at America's regional theaters, whether those two things are a coincidence (spoiler alert: no), and the future of the medium as a whole. (It's always been teetering on the edge of the chasm, of course, but that's no excuse for not trying to fail better.)

One of the defenses from the white-guy artistic directors about why they don't produce more plays by women (at least according to Twitter users reporting from the scene): There aren't enough of them "in the pipeline." (That is to say, hovering in the bureaucratic/workshopping limbo between a writer's desk and an actor's hands.) The Kilroys, a group of LA-based theater folks whose motto is "we make trouble and plays," has just released a list of 46 plays by women they'd like to see performed in America's regional theaters. Among the writers: Martyna Majok (who wrote reWilding for the Satori Group), Heidi Schreck, Kimber Lee, Stephanie Timm (for Tails of Wasps), Theresa Rebeck, Dipika Guha, and 40 others.

It's a helpful syllabus for artistic directors, literary managers, or anyone else looking for new American plays—and something to point to the next time you hear someone say there aren't enough plays by women "in the pipeline."