This spring, days before Stooges' drummer, Scott Ashton, died, I heard Stooges' Raw Power era and current guitarist, James Williamson, was recording a Stooges record WITHOUT Iggy Pop. Uh. WUT?! Turns out, HE IS, but Iggy was cool with it 'cause Iggy "wanted to take a year off." Yeah, so Williamson is recording/has recorded an entire album, a solo album, of updated and properly recorded Williamson era Stooges' songs called Re-Licked. And, as there's no Iggy, it'll feature guest vocalists like Jello Biafra and Mark Lanegan. I'll be interested to hear new arrangements, that Williamson IS playing on these tracks DOES mean something, but...I dunno, it still seems kinda weird.

The first single, "Open Up and Bleed" b/w "Gimme Some Skin," was issued on Record Store Day 2014 and featured Williamson's Stooges touring group vocalist Carolyn Wonderland on vocals. It's okay, not as confrontational as with Iggy, obvs. The next single, "I Got A Right" b/w "Heavy Liquid," is scheduled for a July 29th release and features Bellrays' singer, Lisa Kekaula. This time it's a version of the Stooges' raw POUNDER "I Got A Right." This track is faster and cleaner than the Bomp single; it kinda reminded me of Motorhead!! Like, if Ms. Kekaula fronted Motorhead. Um, if you wanna watch/hear the teaser clip for "I Gotta Right," you'll need to jump the bump. The clip well, it's a bit NSFW as it features a mostly naked burlesque performer Cleo Vipers.