Nightmares on Wax
  • Nightmares on Wax

Peace, people. Y'know, it's almost embarrassing to admit this—but this very column marks 10 years of me writing My Philosophy. I have mixed feelings about mine still being the name at the top of this column, to be honest. Integrity is very important to me (wamp wamp)—and in my eyes, this particular soapbox carries some responsibility to a deep and once-underserved community of artists. Do I do them a disservice by not moving on and letting someone else's philosophy occupy this space? I dunno, really—a decade down the line, I'm a walking conflict of interest. Stewarding not just this but other things, among them a radio show and the interests of the artists I help manage (who are some of the best in these Northwest states, and who I've always advocated for), but I try my best to be transparent about all of it. I hope that, and this, is enough, because for now I'm still here—and I hope my driving is okay. You can let me know otherwise.

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