Hiphop's turning 40 this year. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist are lugging some of genre pioneer Afrika Bambaataa's record collection around the continent and playing them for the people. The two diggers/disc jockeys will hit the Neptune Theatre Oct. 8 with their Renegades of Rhythm Tour.

On his website, Shadow outlined the concept of the tour:

The program will be multifaceted. Bambaataa as artist, exploring the influence of his classics like "Planet Rock;" Bambaataa as collector, and the genre-defining breaks he discovered; and Bambaataa as peacemaker and force for social change. He influenced an entire generation worldwide, so we feel a great obligation to get it right.

Chemist added: "We're looking forward to seeing how we can flip certain now-famous songs and breaks into a new context while staying true to Bambaataa's legacy and taste for that music."

Shadow told Rolling Stone that the two DJs will employ six turntables, two mixers, a drum machine, and other gear from the late '70s and early '80s to best replicate the sound of a vintage Bambaataa set.

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