This week, New York State made it illegal for you to tattoo your dog. Not to tattoo a picture of your dog on your own body, that's still fine. But tattooing a picture on your dog? No-go, says New York. I was not even aware that people were tattooing their pets, but a quick Google search will find you some very real photos of tattooed pets (hairless cats seem to be a favorite, and at least one of them looks hella tough). You can also find a tattooed dog above this short NPR story on New York's new law:

The soon-to-be-law, which gained bipartisan support and was endorsed by the Humane Society of New York, prohibits "unnecessary body modification" of animals but includes an exemption for piercings or tattoos for the purpose of medical identification.

Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal after noticing "gothic kittens" with tattoos and piercings for sale online.

"Companion animals... will no longer be subject to the selfish whims of their owners," Rosenthal said after the bill cleared the assembly.

I'm a bit more concerned about that poor pooch's haircut than his tattoo. But there are a lot of questions to answer. Should we bring the anti-pet-tattoo law to Washington State? Wait, have any of you tattooed a pet?!? Does PETA know about this yet, and if not, what fucked-up campaign are they gonna run once they find out?

I say: Looks like it's time for a Legally Binding Slog Poll™!