BULLETS FOR CASH King County Sheriffs Deputy Keith Holiwell is accused, among other offenses, of taking and selling thousands of shells.
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  • BULLETS FOR CASH King County Sheriff's Deputy Keith Holiwell is accused, among other offenses, of stealing and selling thousands of shells.
Today in classy cops, via KIRO 7, comes Deputy Keith Holiwell:

A King County sheriff's deputy was arrested Thursday for investigation of promoting prostitution, theft and drugs.

But the problems extend far beyond the lone deputy, Sheriff John Urquhart said at a Thursday afternoon news briefing...

“This is a form of police corruption, I believe,” Urquhart said of Holiwell’s actions. The sheriff said he took roughly 19,000 pounds of brass shells over several years.

Urquhart says the SWAT team knew about the thefts, and that some of its members may have purchased steroids from Holiwell, a 19 year veteran of the force.

This is not been a banner year for police conduct at the King County Sheriff's department. As Reason summarized when the investigation into Holiwell was first announced:

Earlier this year, another King County Sheriff's deputy was fired for dishonesty and abuse of authority connected to his harassing of a journalist [The Stranger's Dominic Holden]. In February 2014, a former King County sheriff’s deputy was indicted in federal court on charges of distributing and conspiring to distribute methamphetamine. And earlier this month, a blood test confirmed that the King County deputy arrested in December 2013 for being passed out over his car's steering wheel had multiple prescription drugs in his system.
The silver lining here, at least, appears to be Sheriff Urquhart's willingness to forthrightly name the "corruption" within his force and aggressively go after those responsible for it.

Holiwell is being held on $150,000 bail. According to his charging documents (PDF), Holiwell was tipped off to a police search of his home, during which his gun safe was found to be empty. He sent a text message warning, "The storm is coming, but I got something for their asses. Hang on, it's about to get real," the documents say. Urquhart said at a press conference Thursday that if Holiwell posts bond and is released, he'll be concerned for the safety of his employees.